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Best Front and Rear DashCams

There is nothing that gives a car owner or driver peace of mind like safe driving. Investing in the right dash cam will also make it easier for you to record both the rear and front exterior of your vehicle while driving.

Front and rear dash cam is a setup that utilizes both rear and front cameras, both of which that are connected via cable. Car owners can get the dash cams by doing research and reading online reviews.  These cameras are mounted on the rear and front windshields.

Why Should You Invest In Front and Rear Dash Cams?

a dashcam

To provide more protection to your car while driving.

To provide much-needed security for other road users.

High-quality dash cams feature built-in premium features such as video quality, night vision, parking mode, g-sensor, rear view, and front view protection. Let’s have a look at the best front and rear dash cams on the current market.

BlackVue DR900S-2CH

This model is a suitable option for drivers and car owners looking for a high 4k parking mode, powerful cloud-enabled setup.  Again, it has become very popular for offering astonishing quality videos taken from the front cameras, and its full-HD videos from the rear camera.  You can use this device to shoot, 60 FPS, full FPS recordings. In addition to this, this model has an attractive design complimented by an event file locking and Wi-Fi app for improved user experience.


It comes with a built-in microphone, GPS, speaker, and G-sensor.

It features high-resolution 25Mbs, and 10Mps front and rear cameras respectively.

It has an enabled Wi-Fi connectivity mode (iOS and Android compatible).


This is a powerful dashcam from a Korean manufacturer. The IROAD X9 has become one of the most selling rear and front dash cams. This device has a full HD 1080 rear and front recording at 30FPS. Furthermore, this model has a wide camera lens, a sleek design, and built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. Most of the dashcam enthusiasts prefer using this device because of its fantastic features like parking mode, X-Vision, and its powerful driver assistance systems.


  • It comes with built-in n g-sensors, speaker, microphone and GPS.
  • It  comes with an SSD card that stores the captured footage.
  • It comes with high-resolution front and rear cameras.
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