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Three Ingenious Ways to Keep Your Home Safe Before Going on Vacation

If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. Even though this view is probably the grimmest, your chances of avoiding crime and disasters increases by holding to it. Criminals can identify a vacant house just by looking at it. And house fire or plumbing failures do not discriminate their victims. The last thing you want from a long vacation is to end up with property loss or destruction. 

Therefore, pay attention to these five essential safety steps you should take before leaving for vacation. 

Get Security Cameras

an outdoor security cameraThese days, almost everyone has security cameras installed somewhere around their house. If you have not had them, start planning for the installation. On average, you need to have $1500 to $2000 to have 3 or 4 camera units with the system installed. The older models that rely on household electricity may be cheaper, but this security system can be easily compromised by turning off the house power.

Consider Having the Smart Home Hub

smart home hubInterconnection is the key to the safest security system. A smart home hub is basically a central computer that regulates all the smart devices you have at home. In the case of security cameras, having them connected to the smart home kit will allow you to access the recording from your home. The advanced one even has a motion detection system and facial recognition for the smart locks. Moreover, you can turn the lights on and off remotely from your phone. It can trick potential invaders into believing that there is someone at home, while it is actually vacant. With a smart home hub, you can monitor and control whatever things happening at your home as if you were there.

Notify Your Friends and Relatives

No matter how much you invest in technology, you still need to tie up loose ends by putting real humans in your security plan. Your friends and family members who live close to your house are your best candidates for this task. They are the ones who can respond fast in case of any breaches or disasters at your home. 

However, make sure that they know what steps to take in the worst-case scenarios. The basics are to contact the police for criminal activity and firefighters in case of flooding or fire. Don’t assume that they know about this because an emergency can happen fast and make a person confused. By briefing them with such a procedure, they will be better prepared. 

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