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Safe Travel

Travel Tips During Covid Times

It is advised to minimize movement as much as possible during the pandemic. Traveling can increase the chances of getting and spreading Covid-19. Minimize your travel and follow the guidelines given in your state. However, life has to go on, and sometimes we have to travel.

Stay at Home If You are Sick

You should not travel if you are sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick. You can infect other people as you travel even though you do not show any symptoms. The more destinations you travel to, the more you increase your chances of infecting people.

Travel during covid

Take a Test Before and After Travel

Depending on where you are traveling to, a Covid-19 test is necessary. It is recommended to take a test at least 36-72 hours before traveling. This gives accurate and fresh results.

When traveling in some countries, you must do the 14days quarantine whether your results are negative. Plan ahead to take the test and avoid the last-minute rush. Some testing labs are overwhelmed with people, and you might need to book an appointment.

Choose a Safe Mode of Transport

The mode of transport that is considered safe now is the road to reach your destination within a day. For longer distances, you take a flight. Make sure your airline takes the necessary precautions. The airline should check and confirm the covid test certificates, ensure cleaning is done thoroughly, and maintain social distancing between passengers.

As a passenger, you should ensure you have your mask on all through the flight. Be careful with the food and drinks served on the plane. Traveling by bus can be risky, especially if all the seats are occupied, and there is no extra ventilation.

Choose a Safe Accommodation

Whether you are traveling for work or vacation, you should choose the safest place to stay. Make sure your host take the precautions are taken. Temperatures should be taken before checking in hotels and restaurants. Ensure you do not stay in a crowded place.

Some hotels have policies to keep some rooms unoccupied for 2-3days to allow sanitization and clear any virus. You can choose to book an Airbnb because it’s more safe and private. You should call first and confirm if there are safety procedures.

Check the Safety Measures in Your Destination

travel tips in covid timesTo avoid delays and disappointments, make sure you check the requirements for your travel destination. Traveling in some states and countries requires mandatory 14 days quarantine. A Covid-19 test certificate is a must when traveling from one country to another.

You should check other requirements, such as putting on a mask when going to public places. Keep in mind that depending on the number of Covid-19 cases, the requirements and rules can change from time to time. Check if there are any updates before you travel.

Have a Packing List

Have essentials that you need for the trip. Remember, your safety comes first. Get several clothes, masks and always wear them when you’re in public places.

Your hand sanitizer should at least have 60% alcohol content, the same as disinfectant wipes. Suppose you need to get a thermometer to check your temperature at any time and place. Bring enough medicine for your trip if you have underlying conditions.…

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